Objects Of Attention: 5 Gadgets Under $100 That Make You Cooler Than The Rest

Multiple device charger
Multiple device charger
Rule Number One: Always be a step ahead, have cooler stuff than the competition and charm your peers with the latest in technology. This holiday season; ensure your entertainment value and coolness factor with these 5 quirky gadgets that come under $100 only. Your savvy selections are sure to collect plenty of admirers and enviable eyes alike. Check out this list of clever gadget choices:

1. Telling time and looking smart always gives you the edge.

Getting text message notifications, using your Bluetooth capabilities and controlling your music are nice features for a smartphone, but what about for a smart watch? Be the first in your group to get the Sony SmartWatch. Priced around $70, it’s the perfect companion to your smartphone. With a 1.3 inch Multi-Touch OLED display, you’re sure to impress and inspire your friends and family.

2. Serve your smoothies and soups with fabulous flair and you’ll get endless cool points.

Get the NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender
Get the NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender
Do you like healthy and nutritious foods with maximum benefits and great display? Don’t settle for those cheap blenders like your buddies do. Go for the NutriBullet Hi-Speed Blender and Mixer System Blender kit. Priced at around $99, it performs better than your average juicer and extracts that elusive nutrition from fruits and vegetables. Saving time with the bullet blender will break down solid foods, cutting through seeds, stems and skins. You’ll wow your guests with smooth drinks and shakes in a contemporary fashion.

3. Stay groomed in every situation and your legend will grow.

For traveling businessmen who struggle with stubble, there is a cool gadget that will impress your colleagues. Come into any situation smoother with the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor. Small and compact, the Travel Razor can plug right into your laptop computer, charging on the go. It’s remarkably sharp blades are meshed with a quick vibration for a smooth shave. At $40, it’s perfect for the cooler character on the go that wants to look presentable before any major meeting.

4. Personalize your documents and look cool while doing it.

For those that work in the office place, nothing can be more confusing and challenging than finding your USB drive. What if you were able to personalize it, and look good while doing it? Go for the Monogram Personalized Bamboo USB Flash Drive. Uniquely engraved and artistically textured in 100% bamboo, you’ll be able to better locate your USB drive amongst the clutter and carve out a cooler identification for yourself. Priced around $29, it’s one gadget you’ll love carrying around.

5. Let there be light… from your smartphone.

Be technologically advanced, use a SmartPhone
Be technologically advanced, use a SmartPhone
The idea of the ordinary light switch is so 20th century. It’s time to up the ante. Be technologically advanced and an energy saver at the same time with the WeMo Light Switch. An incredible innovation, replace your ordinary light switch with an easy installation, and you’ll be turning your lights on and off in your home through your Android or iOS device. You can be on the other side of the coast or upstairs in your bathroom; customize and set the lighting in your home from your phone with this $50 gadget. You’ll be a beacon of light and a savvy showoff at the same time.

Being the cool one in the group doesn’t have to come at a price. With this list, you’ll be as cost friendly as you are ahead of the curve. Because contemporary living isn’t just for a moment, it’s a lifestyle.

How To Know If Your Partner Is Emotionally Blackmailing You

Shattered self esteem
Shattered self esteem
The use of emotional blackmail is not uncommon in relationships. People can manipulate their partners into doing something that they don’t approve of by reminding them of their love for him/her. Quite often people fall victim to emotional blackmail without even realizing it. You can however evaluate the situation to know if your significant other is just being himself or using you by manipulation and emotional blackmailing. Here are some hints that can tell you that you are being emotionally blackmailed to agree to stuff.

Your partner manipulates you when making decisions

As a couple, the two of you are supposed to make decisions together. Sometimes, you may not agree to the same thing but compromise is an inevitable part of life, and at some point each of you might have to compromise to please the other one. If you notice that you are being manipulated a lot while decision making in order to achieve the will of your partner, you should beware that he is an emotional blackmailer.

Your partner intimidates you to get what he wants

This is emotional blackmail 101
This is emotional blackmail 101
Normal fights are common in any relationship but if your partner intimidates you every time you decide to do something that he doesn’t approve of, it’s a big sign that he is using his words to get things done that you don’t want to do but are in his favor. If this pursues, you need to take notice.
You are blamed for petty issues
Sometimes, people blame their partners for petty tasks and then use their guilt to get them to agree with them. This is a sick but very effective technique as you would feel obliged to approve of his decision to make him feel good. if your partner uses it a lot to make you align your thoughts and decision with him, you need to give some serious consideration to this matter.

You are made to suffer dramatically

Your partner can create public drama to make you do things for him in order to avoid such situations. If you come across such a scenario, you might approve of his decision to keep things private between the two of you but you’ll also be giving him an approval that he can use you to get things done for him, even stuff that you don’t approve of. Dramatic proceedings are a sign that you are being manipulated.

Ask for help to walk away from it
Ask for help to walk away from it
In a relationship, two people are supposed to live together and spend their life in such a manner to make each other happy and satisfied. If your partner is using the above techniques to get things done his way and doesn’t discuss matters to ask for yoru opinion, you should realize that he is emotionally blackmailing you into spending a life that is far from what you want for yourself. Keep an eye out for such demands and changes in your partner’s behavior to ensure that you are listened to.

Top 3 Diet Plans That Actually Work

Don't struggle with your diet
Don’t struggle with your diet
The problem of obesity is making people spend all the possible diet plans available to get rid of fat and reach the desired weight. Even though there are numerous diet plans, many of them are just over hyped but do not really work. Here are top three diet plans that can actually help you in weight loss.

The Atkins Diet

Try the Atkins diet
Try the Atkins diet
The Atkins diet or officially known as the Atkins Nutrition Approach involves eating lean protein, low-starch vegetables and reducing carbohydrate intake by avoiding flour and sugar. This diet plan is for long term and should be imbibed in your lifestyle for it to be successful. There are four stages of this diet plan. In the first stage, you have to limit the carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day. Second stage requires you to increase the carbohydrate intake by 5 grams/day every week until the weight loss ceases. Once the weight loss stops, the carbohydrate intake is then reduced to 5 grams/day in stage 3 till the weight loss resumes. After you have reached the desired weight, you are supposed to limit the carbohydrate intake of 45 to 100 grams per day. However, due to constant controversy regarding carbohydrates, this diet plan has now substituted carbohydrate with protein.

GM diet or the General Motors diet

The General Motors diet plan
The General Motors diet plan
The general motors diet plan was initially designed by the company to answer the problem of obesity in its employees and increase productivity. The astonishing results led it to be followed by not just the employees of General Motors but also by people around the world. Each day your diet changes in this plan and hence making it more interesting than the other hard diet plans. The basis of this is that on one day only one item can be consumed in the entire day. Interestingly, it allows you to eat as much as you want as long as you stick to that same food item in the day. For example, if on day one it is fruits and vegetables, you can eat as much fruits and vegetables as you like but not anything else. Apart from this you are required to take 10 glasses of water daily, and no alcohol, cream coffee (Black coffee is allowed) and Soda (Diet soda is ok).

Fast Diet

This is one of the latest and the most effective diet plans designed to help you reduce weight fast and detoxify your body. It is also commonly called 5:2 diet. This involves the dieters to keep a count of the daily calorie intake. The daily calorie intake can be anywhere from 1200 cal to 2000 cal depending on how much weight you are willing to lose. It includes eating more of protein rich diet without carbohydrates and fat. This is followed for 5 days in a week. In addition, you have to fast for any two days in a week in which the calorie intake has to be limited to 500 cal. Lastly, the dieters are supposed to drink lots of water and take green tea, which helps in increasing the metabolism. Even though this diet plan requires a lot of discipline and commitment, it surely gives result in the first few weeks itself.

There are other diet plans that may work for you. Most importantly, it is important to understand the underlining principle of the diet plan before you decide to choose them in order to make a prudent decision. Effective diet plans will always have certain key factors in common like high protein intake, high fiber content, water intake and herbs or constituents that help in detoxification of the body. Therefore, judge the effectiveness of a diet plan on these parameters before taking the decision.

Equity Vs. Debt: Which One Should You Choose?

You have two financing options
You have two financing options
There are currently three options when it comes to business financing: equity financing, debt financing, and crowd funding. This article focuses on the first two and will discuss how each of both can help and challenge your business. Debt financing is what it is: borrowing money to start a business and repaying it on agreed conditions. On the other hand, equity financing involves influencing an investor to shell money out to the business and win some shares in it. Both options have something in common: the presence of a business plan that convinces the lender and the investor that a business’ potential for success is high. Let’s move on to the pros and cons.

Debt Financing Pros

  • Ownership. You will never have to co-own your business if you choose debt financing. The lender may become interested, but for now, you have your business to run on your own. In the end, your relationship with a lender ends when you’re done paying the loan.
  • Credit. Getting a business loan helps you build your credit – if you keep up with your payments. When your credit is strong, your potential of getting another business-related loan in the future improves.

Refinance your debt
Refinance your debt
  • Tax. The interest bestowed on a debt is considered an expense. Thus, it is tax-deductible. In addition, loans offer the flexibility of time – you can get one for a short-term or a long-term period depending on how much money you need.

Equity Financing Pros

  • Risk. Equity financing offers a lower risk because you get funds from someone who wants to get involved in your business. Additionally, investors do not usually expect an immediate return of investment when it comes to start-up businesses.

Equity has its advantages
Equity has its advantages
  • Credibility. By working with an investor, you get the chance to be exposed with his business contacts – something that you can associate your business to and build your credibility.
  • Profits. Unlike debt financing, you can keep the profits for your business instead of using it for repayment. This means more cash for you to focus on marketing or expanding your business.

Debt Financing Cons

  • Loan guarantee. Almost all lenders require that business owners guarantee their loans using their business and personal assets as collateral. This means that you might lose everything if the business fails.
  • Financial management. If you have problems managing money, then you might have a problem repaying the loan. And as you accumulate more loans, you slowly become a high risk investment. This will hurt your chances should you seek for equity financing in the future.
  • Repayment and time. The loan repayment amount and the amount of time you need to pay it might contribute to your inability to get out debt. Start-up businesses are faced with the threat that comes from the market. If sales take a dip, money becomes a problem.

Equity Financing Cons

  • Time. It takes time to convince people to invest in a start-up business unless you have an exceptional business plan. But even then, investors can be wary of investing on your business.
  • Control. Working with investors mean that the scope of authority is shared and consultation needs to happen before minor or major decisions are executed. If you disagree, you might end up cashing in your shares and leaving the company you established for the investors to run.
  • Shares. Some investors require a hefty share of the business income. Sometimes, the amount of the shares they demand exceeds that of a loan’s repayment amount.

It is always good to know that you have options when financing your business. Consider your needs, what you’re willing to give up, and what you’re willing to do when you decide. Remember that no option is fool proof. In every business, good judgment is paramount.

Do You Have In You To Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship works as an ecosystem
Entrepreneurship works as an ecosystem
In times of recession, the world has been swept by a wave of entrepreneurship. Many successful ventures today are a result of employees moving to entrepreneurial ventures or start-ups during trying times of recession. Being an entrepreneur is not a piece of cake. You may be attracted to the thrill and glamour related to being a businessperson but it takes many failures to make a successful businessperson.

If you are ready to go through the drill and kill your ego by succumbing to the beating of failure, you may be meant for entrepreneurship. Let us discuss some qualities of an entrepreneur that will help you decide whether you really have it in you.

1. You need to have a Vision

If you ride on the business bandwagon without having a vision you are likely to fall off. You need to have a vision that is consistent with your true core value system. In bad times, your vision helps you stay focussed and also helps you in making strategic decisions and alliances.

2. Team work is very important

Team Work takes effort
Team work takes efforts
As an entrepreneur you should have great inter personal relationship with other members of your team. You need to make your teamwork in a unified direction, with a shared vision.

3. Delayed gratification vs. instant gratification

For those looking for instant success, the business turf may not be the right place. You need to have a thick skin to go through various ups and downs and battle all the challenges with a smile and positive attitude. It is said that a business generally takes 1000 days to break even. The fruits of your effort are always far and wide.

4. Legacy and systems are key to entrepreneurship

You need to have a strong vision to build your business to a level that it can work even when you are not around. While developing the systems and processes in the business, keep in mind the future changes so that the business can be efficiently handled and scaled up by your successors.
While you may sow the seeds, they are likely to enjoy the rewards.

5. Create a Leverage for your business

Entrepreneurship leads to Innovation
Entrepreneurship Leads To Innovation
If you want to be the master of all trades you are likely to fail. You need to be able to appreciate talent in others and be able to recruit and train the right talent to meet your requirements. Being a control freak, will never help you. Effective delegation is the key to growth in business. Keep yourself free for effective strategic decision making and making alliances for growth.

The above list gives you a direction to think in while evaluating if you are ready to take a plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. The most important ingredient however is your passion for success. This is rooted in your core reason for getting into a business. Spend time to understand your core reasons and if it is a strong one that you are passionate about, nothing stops you from being a successful entrepreneur.